Managing a rental can be disrupting, demanding and time consuming. Lost keys, frozen pipes, no heat in the middle of the night. As a landlord you must be on call 24 hours a day to deal with any problems or emergencies that occur in your property. ATID Property Management has the experience and resources to take care of this task hands-on. This service not only includes rent collection but also gives you peace of mind with full tenant support, maintenance repairs and emergency coverage.

Benefits of Property Management

  • We present your property to the largest available market
  • We stay aware of current market conditions, allowing your property to rent at its highest price
  • Computer systems enable us to maintain a comprehensive list of all the features that make your property desirable
  • Minimize your rent loss by utilizing a broad range of advertising media
  • Provide you with protection through proper lease agreements, deposit forms, addenda, late notices and other legal documents
  • Provide comprehensive tenant screening to assure you qualified and responsible tenants
  • Provide qualified and reasonably priced maintenance personnel who get the job done right
  • Make routine inspections of your property
  • Handle all communications with the tenants
  • All of your expenses are tax deductible including management expenses, repairs and maintenance as well as your mortgage interest, property taxes and insurance.
  • We provide services to investment property owners for real estate management, leasing, contract administration and accounting. A few of the many services Atid offers:

  • Rent collection
  • Provide/supervise maintenance
  • Payment of all bills/mortgages
  • Assist/supervise resident managers
  • 7 days a week and 24 hours a day availability
  • Our management fees range between 8-12% of the gross monthly income collected.
  • The actual monthly management fee is based on variables of services needed.
  • Leasing fees are calculated separately from the monthly management fee.
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